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Oct 23 12 Comments

Hello all
I am a budding Mechanical Engineer with around 2yrs of experience. I am looking for jobs in Consumer electronics for a year now but have had no luck even getting interviews. Any help would be appreciated on what skills to develop for working in comsumer electronics as a Mechanical/Product/Test Engineer?
Does applying online even help or I need to know someone at the company?
Thanks in advance



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  • If you want to look at those places, be really quite good with thermal modeling and airflow analysis.
    Oct 23 6
    • TBH, I left because of the lack of opportunity. It was a bit slow and they slap training wheels on you with little independence.

      However, it did help my resume and I did get contacted a lot when I started looking for jobs. I am EE.

      Start with NSG or DCG orgs. There are plenty of projects coming out of Intel that require thermal analysis. I would say much less emphasis on the CAD enclosure side of things, but still needed.
      Oct 23
    • Overall: my rating of Intel is 6/10. Would recommend, but keep in mind that it is a springboard opportunity for no longer than 5 years.
      Oct 23
    • Cummins / Eng mechie
      What are NSG/DCG orgs?
      Oct 23
    • NSG is Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. In short, basically solid state drives.

      DCG is Datacenter Computing Group. In short, the server processors.

      Donโ€™t think so bluntly at the name of these orgs, theyโ€™re both over 10,000 people strong and do A LOT. Many teams, many needs for all different specialties.
      Oct 23
    • Cummins / Eng mechie
      Oh wow.
      Appreciate the insights
      Oct 23
  • Cummins ivNU51
    Any progress with your jog hunt in consumer electronics? I am also a ME working in Cummins and trying to migrate to the bay area. Thanks!
    Nov 17 1
    • Cummins / Eng mechie
      Not really
      Nothing is going in my favor
      Nov 18
  • Google bc89
    It's very difficult to get into those companies as a mechanical engineer without experience in the specific field they are in. (Ex: consumer electronics, robotics, data center design, etc...)

    The easiest way to get in would probably be to look at your current role and see which ME role it is most similar to. Then advertise your experience in terms of the specific skills you have. Ex: if you focus on manufacturing issues in your current role, look for manufacturing engineering positions and what specific skills they are looking for in the postings.

    Also, it's fairly common to do an internship or work at a different company in the same field for a while to get noticed.
    Oct 23 1
    • Cummins / Eng mechie
      Are you a mechanical engineer as well?
      Oct 24
  • New / Eng sMld33
    I've worked as a PD engineer at both Apple and Google and have friends/colleagues who either interviewed or worked for some of the other ones you mentioned. Knowing someone definitely helps since they can give you a referral and that pushes you up the queue a bit with recruiters and at least guarantees a phone interview. If that's not possible, relevant experience at smaller companies in anything high volume helps.

    If you're interested in product design engineering, you want to have a good understanding of fundamentals like beam bending and mechanics of materials (stress-strain, fatigue, etc). They also will focus a lot on design questions like material properties and selection of common plastics and metals, injection molding best practices and issues, tolerance analysis, and GD&T. You usually need good CAD skills and some companies ask you to do a design challenge prior to onsite to test it. Companies like Apple and Google use NX so knowing this is pretty useful.

    You could also take another approach and try to get a project management role or manufacturing and then switch over to design. I know a few people who did this as well but not sure if it's any easier...
    Nov 25 0


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