Media’s FAANG

New YPey87
Jul 19 18 Comments

I’m talking in terms of TC, which companies are the strongest contenders? I would think YouTube, Netflix and Hulu would be a part of the mix...but I need a vowel. Any other Media/Entertainment company that pays ridiculous coin? How much do talent agents like Ari from the Entourage make? Is starting salary low?


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  • Sirius XM / Mktg Fjdiwhdi
    Not SiriusXM 😂 😭
    Jul 24 5
    • Pandora zOpL58
      God tell me about it
      Jul 24
    • Sirius XM / Mktg Fjdiwhdi
      Just be thankful you're not in the DC offices. May as well be in Timbuktu. Company spends an insane amount of money for travel on acela and stays in NYC. Some people probably cost an extra $25k/yr easy, if not more.
      Jul 25
    • Pandora / QA T73bd8w2
      Hey Sirius what are people saying about the blind phishing email in your channel?
      Jul 25
    • Sirius XM / Mktg Fjdiwhdi
      Haha yeah there was that. We're all having a laugh about it. We should get blind to merge our channels
      Jul 25
    • Pandora zOpL58
      Yo Sirius what’s the sentiment on the merger. Pandora strugggggling. You guys don’t seem bad but Jim Meyer is 🙄
      Jul 25
  • Spotify / Eng VnEB34
    coughs in Swedish
    Jul 24 2
    • Spotify / Product WXUp28
      Definitely ridiculous coin
      Jul 24
    • Spotify thanus
      Ridiculous coin 100%
      Jul 25
  • Warner Media lately. Sorry, no vowel.
    Jul 24 3
    • Turner / Eng Allielae
      We are definitely not FAANG material yet. We're still tiny kingdoms of silos clutching our pearls.

      Also, we need to ramp up recruiting our tech side. I know HBO is trying to double it's force, but other tech areas are still thin.
      Jul 24
    • The thread is about comp. It's comparable for the software development side for HBO Max.
      Jul 24
    • Though I recognize parts of WarnerMedia aren't caught up. Hopefully that happens. Turner folks are great I hear.
      Jul 24
  • Google / Eng pumaupma
    DreamWorks animation?
    Jul 19 1
    • Hulu npVh21
      DreamWorks actually pays below market
      Aug 10
  • Nielsen nqED75
    Er... Facebook, Netflix, Google are all media companies from where I'm sitting. If you make money from advertising that's... media.
    Jul 25 0
  • HBO / Admin QgWN71
    Jul 24 0
  • Hulu / Eng blahbom
    Quibi, Amazon
    Jul 20 0


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