Medical Device sales

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Nov 15 4 Comments

What does the pay look like for B2B? What's the industry culture like?


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  • Agilent Technologies expatriate
    Purely depends on your location and experience and the comp plan. Annually starts shy of 85 and goes up to 400k for an experienced person.. I work for a medical devices company in the east coast.
    Nov 15 2
    • New UfIP84
      How do you get into medical device sales? I am getting an opportunity on the west coast (I would prefer east but I don't have the background, this company is providing an opportunity to me). I would end up working for a competitor of Agilent.
      Nov 17
    • Agilent Technologies expatriate
      Most start here with internship and stay. Some are hired to be trained. Some like me start from a technical role and convince management that you can sell. I'd say go for it. Medical devices is a rewarding industry. You will make good money (maybe not as good as a startup with shares and all) most inportantly your career will be very stable.
      Nov 17
  • Terumo BCT ceWe84
    Depends on experience, but prob about $80k base and $60k commission at plan. Car allowance too
    Nov 16 0


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