Medical Insurance

Tesla tocgkcgi
Feb 8 7 Comments

How much do you pay for all insurance including medical, dental and vision ? Does your plan have a deductible ?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft BarFoo
    $0 towards premiums. Microsoft puts $2500 into my HSA and I put the rest up to the limit. Deductible is $3250 or something like that.
    Feb 80
  • Salesforce hfgnntunv
    Question for those with $0 premiums, is that just for you or family (spouse, kids)?
    Feb 132
    • Dropbox GGMW32
      Just individual. Other plans are heavily subsidized though.
      Feb 13
    • Microsoft BarFoo
      Everyone. I don’t pay a penny extra for my spouse or my children.
      Feb 13
  • Facebook ohgee
    Feb 140
  • Dropbox GGMW32
    $0. Deductible in CA is $250.
    Feb 80
  • Nextdoor zab👁
    Feb 80

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