Memory is completely shot

May 30 39 Comments

It seems that I forget everything no matter how much I want to remember . Can be the name of a software module I wrote 3 weeks ago or a parking ticket I kept somewhere 30 minutes ago .
I’m not even 35 year old so it’s worrying .

Anyone else deal with this and if so , did you find a way to make it better ?

Overall I’m healthy , maybe 10 pounds too heavy


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TOP 39 Comments
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Brain fog from too much fapping.
    May 30 3
    • Reliance Industries soninishan
      Is masturbations really A cause ??
      May 30
    • Uber lock_up
      I don’t remember anymore
      May 30
    • It would be interesting if people could point a link between fapping and long term memory
      May 30
  • Roku gdhdhch
    Edit your code without an IDE, force your memory to work better
    May 30 0
  • Microsoft random!
    Sleeping and exercise helped me a lot, leetcode and reading something regularly brought my confidence and focus back .
    May 30 1
    • Reliance Industries soninishan
      Actually I am having too much stress of work .I am thinking too much always .
      May 30
  • Lyft / Eng

    Lyft Eng

    Airbnb, Google, LinkedIn
    If you smoke weed, stop
    May 30 0
  • Reliance Industries soninishan
    I am also having issue like that .My memory is week .i remember only money related things
    May 30 2
    • OP
      Maybe because that’s something you are worried about so think a lot ?
      May 30
    • Reliance Industries soninishan
      Yeah I always do multiple things at a time .My mind is not constant
      May 30
  • Cadence / Product

    Cadence Product

    Try taking some Vitamin D, Iron..
    Do some bloodwork...usually iron deficiency causes this
    May 30 0
  • Google / Eng Zzzzzzzzza
    Heavy metal poisoning? Too much thc?
    May 30 0
  • Comcast G0ku
    What was the last time you did a full blood test with hormone panel? You may have low testosterone. Or smoked too much pot lol idk I’m not a doctor
    May 30 7
    • They don’t give you enough to get big. They very carefully make sure that you’re in the average range. Unless you go to a side show clinic, then you can get as much as you want.

      I was kidding about the boobs, but if you take too much Test that’s exactly what will happen.
      May 30
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Whats wrong with boobs ?
      May 31
    • There’s other better ways to grow boobs if that’s what you’re looking for
      May 31
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      How? As a female how do you grow boobs?
      May 31
    • I’m guessing estrogen would do the trick but I’d run that by an endocrinologist
      May 31
  • Amazon amznkk
    Stop using Google for everything you can't remember
    May 30 1
    • Microsoft xPgf80
      I think there is something to this. There is no mental pressure to remember things these days when you can always just look it up with a few taps...
      May 30
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Drink less
    May 30 0
  • I am in the exact same boat. I’ve been getting way more forgetful and think it might be because of stress.

    But sometimes I wonder if I’m just getting dumber.
    May 30 0
  • Microsoft / Eng sunofa🍑
    My memory is weak too. Sometimes it plays well - I'm never angry for too long, and forget what caused me to be angry with someone.
    But most of the times it bothers me, so things from below help:
    - sleep 7+ hrs. This alone has a significant value
    - write down important things. Using multiple types of memories increase chances of you to remember
    - have a hobby to memorize things: temporary passwords, confirmation codes, credit cards, favorite poems. Anything that is not too long and that you could copy and paste.
    - exercise often. Not once a week, but at least half an hour every other day.
    May 30 2
  • LinkedIn / Eng flock
    I have been experiencing these symptoms as well. I don't smoke weed, drink very little. M, 26 yo.
    May 31 1
    • Twitter finetody
      ~25 is right about when the male body starts to head downhill. Building muscle isn’t as easy as when you were 21, memory isn’t as good, vision for some, etc. sucks. Everyone thinks guys in their twenties are young and in their prime, but in reality guys peak around 23. Late twenties the body is already heading in decline. Exercise helps and slows it down, but it will never be like you were 21. Human are weak creatures compared to their entire life span.
      May 31
  • Microsoft idknm
    How much time do you spend on social networking sites? Also, have u gone thru depression or any recent break up?
    I also have the same prob and I just uninstalled whatsapp and my counselor asked me to do the work out daily..
    Jun 1 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Cloud Architect with 10 years of experience in infrastructure engineering, cloud migration and DevOps/SRE transformation projects.
    It is normal to an extent to forget what we don't use frequently. It is how the brain can optimize memory.

    It is possible to use it to your advantage by using techniques proven to maximize long-term retention:
    - active recall
    - Flashcards
    - Spaced repetition

    The easiest way to learn and memorize is to use and a software like (commercial) or (opensource and free). I recommend the latter.
    Jun 1 0
  • Microsoft onlythis
    Early signs of Alzheimer's can show as far as 20 yrs back. Good news is that it's reversible with diet and lifestyle changes. Look it up, but eat more dark leafy greens, good fats, minimal sugar, be more active, less stressed, more sex... You know, the usual.
    May 31 0
  • Intel D’s🥜
    Have you been smokin’ that Mass Grass?
    May 31 0
  • Apple wa95014
    Burnout. Stress.
    May 30 0
  • New


    Tesla Motors
    Sugars. Carb overload. Poor sleep. Restless.
    May 30 0
  • Microsoft xPgf80
    I’m in the same boat. My memory used to be like a steel trap but these days it’s total shit.
    I’ve tried several of these brain/memory boost supplements. All pretty much garbage.
    I smoke weed and binge drink though. That likely plays a role. And I also do not rigorously exercise my brain like back in the university days. I’m sure that plays a role too.
    Anyway, forgetting shit sucks.
    May 30 0