Mental health support group for techies?

Amazon OPjI42
Mar 29 10 Comments

Is there such service in Bay area?
Or what do you do to maintain mental health?


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  • Twitter LBGd25
    There are tons of therapists. Less drinking, less coffee, more exercise. The usual shit.
    Mar 29 0
  • Easy join a company like SAP. No work, no tension. But you folks have to sacrifice your big fat TCs though.
    Mar 29 2
    • Amazon OPjI42
      Mind share some numbers?
      Mar 29
    • 14 yoe 305k. Easy to outperform others. I work only 4-5 hours a day but I am twice as productive as others.
      Mar 29
  • Apple RcvW67
    There is not as far as I know. I am also in tech and have endured dangerous amount of stress due to overworking and being bullied. You can try hiking in the trails, meditation and massage one in a while.
    Mar 29 0
  • eBay svblinder
    Family and kids?
    Mar 29 2
    • eBay shock
      Mental health with kids, are you kidding me??
      Mar 29
    • eBay svblinder
      Yeah.. when you’re sane they drive you to insanity. When you’re depressed, they lift your spirit. Kinda weird.
      Mar 30
  • Amazon .,..,
    Amazon has an employee assistance program. Every employee is allowed 3 1x1s with a therapist. You should be able to find more info on inside Amazon
    Mar 29 0