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Cruise Automation djsjejs
May 3 9 Comments

I was wondering if people here go to professionals to help with their mental health and if they could give recommendations in the Bay area

I recently lost my Mom and have since been spiraling down and along with work stress - I'm getting depressed, having anxiety etc. I feel like I should get help

Any help is appreciated.


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  • Clover Health sinkinship
    My therapist is no longer in the bay area. But, she was immensely helpful when I lost my mom three years ago. Definitely try a few and find someone that works for you.

    Please DM me if you need a shoulder. My mom was my everything. Don't go it alone.
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  • Intel babubhatt
    If you’re depressed, do NOT skip therapy because of financial constraints. Instead, talk openly with your potential therapist.

    Many will consider sliding scale fees for those with genuine financial constraints.
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  • Bose / Eng

    Bose Eng

    Just wanted to add, a day off is NOT the same as going to a therapist. Fixing your mental state of mind, is a delicate process and often takes some time. From having done this myself over a considerable period of time, I can tell you that it was worth the money because you are a much happier person when you learn to blame yourself less or find mechanisms to cope with the things that give you anxiety. I would say that without that, a day off would be even more stressful because it is free time for my mind to ruminate and easily go into a downward spiral.

    Not enough people care for their mental state of mind. Especially given how stressful jobs are today it would be great if even this was offered as a perk at most companies.
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    • Morgan Stanley ninja007
      Very well said. A lot of hedge funds and quant shops do have in house therapists, only for the frontline heavy hitters though.
      May 4
  • Tesla pSzM25
    DM me, have a recommendation I can share.
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  • New / Design Red Delta
    I have a great reference in Danville. She’s amazing. DM and you can call her. If you need someone close by, she could definitely help refer you to someone closer.

    Word of caution. You will need a TC of about 250 and up to afford her. She’s cash only.
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  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    Rakuten USA
    Following as I'm in a similar situation. But I don't have the TC some of you have; a therapist that charges $150 an hour is more than a day's wages and I'd be better served by taking a day off.
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  • Arista Networks unVS80
    If you have a primary care doctor, just message him/her and they will be able to refer you further.
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