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Amazon xyiI61
Nov 11

Any suggestions for Mercedes service center in Seattle? Is it cheaper to get it serviced from non-Mercedes owned service center? Any drawback of doing that?


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  • Amazon / Engn0v
    First service A, wait for a service coupon, which come out frequently. Lynnwood Mercedes is slightly cheaper than others. With $125 or $130 off service, price is reasonable. Right before your service B, buy the 3-yr 30,000 mile prepaid service pack (roughly $1025, though depends on the car). Buy from an out of state dealer, so you can avoid sales tax. You can use this prepaid service at any dealer, so go to whoever is most convenient. Only downside is prepaid maintenance is forfeit if you sell the car or if it is totalled.
    Nov 110
  • Amazon xyiI61
    Thanks. Will check the prepaid package
    Nov 111
    • Amazon / Engn0v
      Note the prepaid maintenance is a bargain for B,A,B. But not for A,B,A
      Nov 11

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