Merchant Cash Advance

New twGh75
May 8 5 Comments

Anyone work with a merchant cash advance that assists people of color in a positive manner? Seeking great advice in FinTech space.


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  • Do cash advances really help poor communities? 🤔 Always thought they were predatory
    May 8 3
    • Microsoft Tier 1
      They’re both
      May 8
    • Microsoft Stack🖕flo
      They arent predatory. They have to charge high interest rates to loan to risky people. Its a business not a charity. Half the people dont pay them back ever.

      Damm sjws dont understand that, will regulate them, and then they will all close.
      May 8
    • Microsoft Tier 1
      Right? SWIM has a side business loaning money to random strangers on the internet. He make good returns.

      But if SWIM didn’t charge illegally high interest rates, it wouldn’t make sense to extend credit to random strangers.
      May 8
  • New DEV_ENV
    Are you a person of color seeking cash advance or are you seeking employment at a provider of those cash advances?
    May 8 0

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