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Jul 2 9 Comments

How much yearly merit raise do LPBs get? 5 years PM exp. 3+ years in GE.


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  • GE BroNo
    I'm LPB in aviation as a swe and have gotten about a 3% raise yearly, and been told that's near the top for yearly merit.
    Jul 3 2
    • GE FJjI77
      Yep, about the same
      Jul 3
    • I've gotten from 2.4 to 3.4% for the last five years if I recall correctly as an LPB.

      I would inquire as to your step within the LPB, to see if there's an opportunity to move up. That's where the nicer pay raise comes in, without having to move to SPB.
      Jul 17
  • OP
    Thank you everyone for replying. Well this is disappointing. If I may what is the TC for LPB with 3-5 yrs experience in the east coast? If you are a direct hire and not from the Leadership development program?
    Jul 6 1
    • GE BroNo
      I'd expect somewhere between 90 and 120k. Depending on your business that'll be either salary or salary +bonus. If you're in a pretty high cost area it might be a touch higher, but I doubt it.
      Jul 7
  • GE / Product BYEGE
    FYI you didn’t post this in the GE section. That said, 3-4% is almost always the maximum unless you move up sub-bands from LPB2 to LPB1. You mention the east coast but that’s a pretty broad spectrum. Boston would be 115/120, NYC higher, Schenectady more like 95/105. It varies a lot.
    Aug 9 0
  • So basically no raise, just covers inflation. If you want an actual raise apply for a higher level title internally or leave GE.
    Jul 6 0
  • I can second these guys and say it’s been 2-4% for the last three years.
    Jul 6 0
  • Amazon klulez
    You mean IQ increase?
    Jul 2 0


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