Microservices SRE at Okta in Bellevue

HERE / R&D HydroFlak
Sep 17 3 Comments

Hello folks. I'm considering applying for a senior SRE role which would be with Okta in Bellevue, apparently on the microservices team. Can anyone there share how things are going? Is it a shitshow drowning in problems? Are things going well? Interesting stuff being worked on? Thanks!


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  • Okta RGTT58
    Techops at okta is terribly slow AFAIK because they are swamped with work as any other place
    Sep 18 1
    • IBM / QA joTX86
      Slow because more work and less people? Automation surely can reduce work item count, but to put that automation in the first place your team will need to be isolated from day to day work items so you can focus on getting the automation hardened.
      Nov 4
  • Okta doll$h
    Unsure about SRE but Okta engineering is not a shitshow in general. Interesting problems being solved. Devops-SRE does have some old tech stack but definitely not a shitshow
    Sep 17 0


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