Microsoft Azure All Up Interview Event in WA

Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
Sep 24 11 Comments

hello, just now received a recruiter ping for Azure All Up hiring Event on Oct 18,2019. Redmond

they havent mentioned any teams . just gave me a link to apply and provide recuiter name before submitting application.

i have questions :
1) Last time i received an email my friends at msft asked me not to bother about it as usually the event is for bad teams who have difficulty filing , and if you get an offer it will be way less than if you were to come without the event

2) i will be submitting my application for this. i assume i will get an online technical test for this. is Leetcode Microsoft Explore section enough ?

3) Any other tips from fellow folks who were hired thru such hiring events at MSFT.?


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  • Microsoft / Eng RoLF71
    I was hired through one of these events.

    I like my team and my TC, but it's a niche product so this may be correct information.
    Sep 24 2
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Sorry which maybe correct information ?
      Sep 24
    • Microsoft / Eng RoLF71
      Teams difficulty having team filling. I think my TC is pretty good, I also had a very very easy interview process so what your friend is saying makes sense.
      Sep 24
  • Microsoft / Eng Leet_God
    Was hired through one of these events. TC is much higher than my peers . Work on very core level stuff. People may or may not like it. I fine as long as I am being paid good money.
    Sep 24 4
    • Microsoft / Eng RoLF71
      Sep 25
    • Oracle nodejs
      TC? YOE?
      Oct 1
    • Microsoft / Eng RoLF71
      1 year of experience with a small company.

      TC: 155
      Oct 1
    • New arq
      I am attending Microsoft Azure onsite too, what is level of coding interviews? What was asked in system design or what did you prepare for it? Please advise thanks
      Oct 6
  • Walmart dhana
    Is this event for fresh grads only ? I got a ping from recruiter. I have 10+ yoe. Not sure what to do. Any one with more experience got calls for the event ?
    Oct 11 1
    • Walmart lc/cci
      It’s an event for all levels
      Oct 11
  • Walmart dhana
    Whoever passed the test, were you able to complete all 3 qs in 1 hr ? I was able to complete 2 and the third one was incomplete
    Oct 13 0


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