Microsoft Azure SRE team vs Identity team

Eze Software shangri_la
Oct 10 8 Comments

I'm being offered a senior software engineer position in Microsoft's Azure SRE team but I'm also currently being interviewed (just have my second round technical phone interview yesterday) by Microsoft Identity team. I get the impression that neither team is exactly hardcore software development but can anyone tell me how would the two team compared against each other? Thanks


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  • LinkedIn bgsfujber
    It’s an SRE team, how can you expect there to not be operations...?
    Oct 10 5
    • Eze Software shangri_la
      @bgsfujber but in the DevOps team of my current company, which I assume should be somewhat similar with SRE, I practically don't get to do any coding at all, if you don't count a little bit scripting here and there. So I'm wondering if this is just in my current company or if I should expect the same in Microsoft SRE team also
      Oct 11
    • LinkedIn bgsfujber
      I am SRE at LinkedIn, I do almost no coding cuz I work on projects that impact the entire org, but I have coworkers that hate socializing and doing that stuff so they prefer to code, and they tell the manager this and he makes sure it happens.

      You answered quite opposite though. Your answer references coding , where as I ask about operations. Any SRE role anywhere SHOULD involve operations, that is the entire purpose of an SRE... if you don’t think this way then you don’t understand what SRE truly is. Being oncall and responding to alerts/outages is by definition operations, and hence any SRE anywhere will be doing operations.
      Oct 12
    • Eze Software shangri_la
      @bgsfujber To clarify, I didn’t mean that I don’t want to do any reactionary or operation-related work. You mention you don’t do any coding because you work on projects that impact the entire company. Fair enough, however, in the DevOps team I’m currently working on in my company, we don’t even actually work on projects, most of the time we spent on creating WiX installers, migrating build environment from one system to another as the company is constantly changing build system.

      I do a search online for SRE engineer job opening, they are asking for skill set like AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, NoSQL DB, Splunk, RabbitMQ, Redis, Terraform… etc. but in our team we don’t get to work any of these. The most I can say is just Jenkins, BitBucket, Bamboo and Powershell scripting. I’m just wonder whether it is just my current company or our DevOps team (which is really revamped from release engineering team) or I should expect the same even for SRE engineer in Microsoft.

      You could be right that I don’t understand what SRE truly is but can you tell me what a typical day for a SRE engineer is like? Thanks
      Oct 13
    • LinkedIn bgsfujber
      I am tired right now so I will try to keep this concise, but for me it could be

      * Helping our oncall if they are over loaded with responding to production impacting issues
      * following up on operation / capacity type issue which are not user impacting but we see some impact. Ie - why do we increased latency above the average but still within SLA for a specific cluster? Or - we see high utilization on a cluster and need to decide the best way to scale out, it could be adding nodes or moving data stores around between clusters.
      * following up on my projects in progress - working on implementing them directly, working on planning docs (RFC but I hate that acronym), or project summary to give to leadership

      Some combination of those high level things.

      For me project implementation could be building clusters, changing configs, etc. For my team members it could be writing code to automate something.
      Oct 14
    • Eze Software shangri_la
      @bgsfujber Thanks for your input
      Oct 15
  • Microsoft zaCy61
    define “hardcore software development”
    Oct 10 1
    • Eze Software shangri_la
      @zaCy61 By that I mean primarily coding, because in my current role most of my time is spent on changing build process or fixing build breaks, very operation-oriented
      Oct 10


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