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Apple csOE05
Jan 22 9 Comments

Could someone from Microsoft comment on what exactly is Azure Cloud+AI+Security? There is a lot of buzzwords there. Is it a real respected software engineering team? What is the day to day like? What are some of the shit they have to deal with?


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  • Microsoft / Eng maddox
    Cloud & AI is one of our 3 top level engineering orgs. Its probably the best place to be in right now in MSFT. Is the security team you are talking about, the one led by Bharat Shah ? If yes, it's a pretty big org since Bharat is a CVP as well. You will need to be a little more specific.
    Jan 22 5
    • Facebook WKCV72
      What’s with the heavy media buys pushing Microsoft AI commercials?
      Jan 23
    • Apple csOE05
      Yes, can you go into specifics about what does the security team do? Why is it so big? How’s the product and career prospects there? I see only a few AI+security related products when I sign into my Azure account.
      Jan 23
    • Pinterest pinhead
      There are a lot of internal services that they work on, to keep Azure secure and compliant.

      Management appreciates the work, and career trajectory is solid there.

      Examples of projects/sub-teams: Azure security center, red team (pen test of msft services), on-node security/compliance scanning, Web vuln scanning, Azure Key Vault, anti-fraud (stolen credit cards), code signing, internal sec+compliance work item system, security reviews of internal services, secure admin workstation, ML analysis of logs from internal services looking for various things, and so on.
      Jan 23
    • Microsoft / Eng maddox
      pinhead covered it pretty nicely. The team seems to be growing, they had an internal hiring event a while back.
      Jan 23
    • Microsoft PhokMSFT
      Bharat is a pretty legit CVP too. He knows how critical security is to keeping things running.
      Jan 23
  • Microsoft / IT anonymousM
    It's a big team, there is CRISIT management, rapid response, security research, red/blue teams, tools development (azure security pack, code analysis etc). So depending on the team you go to, your work life and responsibilities can vary very much. What team are you transferring in from?
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  • Microsoft Dir Troll
    Cloud+AI is a huge division at Microsoft rolling up to Scott Guthrie > Satya

    So the security team includes people securing Azure, people doing incident response...etc big org, lots of work to do.
    Jan 23 0
  • USDA / Eng GMletsdoit
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