Microsoft First Paycheck?

New QTdN03
Apr 25 6 Comments

HR's FAQ says "it depends" on things. But for my lease planning purposes, does anyone know approximately how long after your start date and NEO that you get your first paycheck? (Direct deposit, US citizen, direct hire, if it matters).

TC $205K. YOE 7. (No CS degree)


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  • Microsoft giggitycow
    Paycheck gets deposited on 15th and last day of month. If you are joining before 10th or 25th, you will be able to get your first paycheck on 15th/last day of month.
    Apr 25 2
    • New QTdN03
      Interesting, so hypothetically speaking, if I started on May 6th, would a May 15th paycheck be a partial check then?
      Apr 25
    • Microsoft giggitycow
      Yes. You will get paid on pro-rated basis.
      Apr 25
  • Microsoft ender1
    2 weeks
    Apr 25 1
  • Microsoft iBbs62
    There is a possibility that your first paycheck will be skipped and added to your next pay period. Happened to me.
    Apr 25 0