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Blue Cross Blue Shield sBPx68
Apr 29 3 Comments

Hi guys,

I just received an email from Microsoft for a phone screen with a recruiter that will last 30 minutes long and is meant to go over my work history etc. When I clicked on the link they provided for the position I applied for it took me to the Microsoft icims careers page and the job was no longer available. I
received the email from Microsoft Resume Operations. The Microsoft logo is at the bottom of the email but I'm not sure if this is legit as I've never interviewed with Microsoft. Can someone fill me in? Thanks.


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  • Microsoft dbbdbd
    Can you just reply to your email and ask for clarifications, huh? 😐
    Apr 29 1
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield sBPx68
      I did already lol. Just trying to make sure.
      Apr 29
  • iCIMS BrqJ87
    It’s real. iCIMS is the software they use for their online application and where your new hire paperwork will come from if you get hired
    Sep 8 0


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