Microsoft Offer Getting held up in Audit

New Murado
Nov 18 3 Comments

It's been a week and a couple days since a verbal offer and negotiation call with Microsoft. A week or so since a business approved verbal offer, which I would like to accept. In the last week, the recruiter and I have talked every couple days, always with the same outcome...

"It's in audit, the hiring manager is chomping at the bit, they are calling me even more than you are, I'd love to promise you a timeline, but I don't want to promise something I cant deliver."

How long do internal hurdles take to get to the offer in the Action Center? Based on what I know of Microsoft, this is "in band" but "above target" offer. Or does that not even matter, and it's just "corporate stuff"?

Most of the past companies I have worked with, the delay is in getting to business approval, the HR stuff is set criteria that gets checked along the way in parallel process.


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  • Intel Djokovic
    Take it easy boss.
    Action center was down for a long time. I got my offer letter after 6 weeks of interview date and 4 weeks of verbal acceptance.
    Audit and approval took time and action center issues delayed things like crazy.

    I got automated busy emails from my recruiter that Action center is down and working on it which confirmed it was down.

    Take a deep breath and relax. You will get it. I somehow managed to keep my nerve for 6 weeks so keep that timeline in mind.
    Nov 18 0
  • Microsoft magikapari
    I interviewed on Thursday, got an offer next day. It sounds like they either are trying other candidates, or a change in their teams budget to not hire...
    Nov 18 1
    • Microsoft h.a.l.l.
      This. Keep interviewing.
      Nov 18


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