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Infosys FYbE26
May 7 11 Comments

I recently got an offer for Microsoft for SDE I (L59) in Redmond, WA. The base is $107K plus joining bonus and RSUs. But I have 1.5 years of experience (+ 6months internship at a FAANG company) in a mid size startup in San Francisco and my current TC is 150K (Base + ~6% bonus). The Microsoft offer is so low. They offered me what they would offer a new grad.
I have onsites with Amazon (SDE-2) and Uber in San Francisco. I have two questions
1. How to negotiate Microsoft to match at least my current TC?
2. Is it possible in Microsoft to find a different team to join? (I want to find a team in the Bay Area under Microsoft)
P.S my husband and I live in SF so I am not inclined to relocate and want to find a team in Bay Area if possible. Microsoft because I am Indian and down the line if we want to move back we can move to an Indian office.


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  • Amazon Redux
    Take it and remove InfoSys from your resume, it’s doing more harm than good.
    May 7 2
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    • Amazon Redux
      I’m not part of MSFT so I can’t add value there. However as someone who is actively reviewing and hiring.. my point was having InfoSys on your resume would do more harm than good.

      Your company on Blind says InfoSys, of course I would assume it’s also on your resume.
      May 7
  • Amazon azmix
    Amazon SDE 2 is a much better option than L59. And we have offices in India that are doing a lot of interesting and meaningful work. The only caveat is that the SF teams are not as big as in South Bay.
    May 7 0
  • Microsoft / Product Festy
    You didn't get a new grad offer. You've gotten an industry hire lowball offer reserved for people recruiters perceive as coming from lower tier company. You've gotta fight back and negotiate. New grad offers are much higher at Microsoft. For L59 new grads, the standard Microsoft offer is 108-115k base, 10% target cash bonus, 120k joining stock bonus over 4 years and 40k cash bonus over 2 years. That's a total tc of 156-160k in Redmond.
    May 7 2
    • Glassdoor lpwas
      But he's from infoSys and would be jumping 10 tiers. I think OP should take it
      May 7
    • Microsoft / Product Festy
      That's true.
      May 7
  • Microsoft dayruuw
    You are comparing base to TC
    May 7 0
  • Amazon bezos,Jeff
    Get competing offers first if possible. I’d be impressed if you are able to get an sde2 with external 1.5 YoE
    May 7 1
    • Infosys FYbE26
      Are you talking about getting SDE2 in Amazon with 1.5 yoe or in Microsoft?
      May 7
  • Nvidia ECTT56
    Why on Earth would you want to stay in the valley?

    Would you like to pay off a house or car one day? Tesla even?
    May 8 0


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