Microsoft On JEDI contract

LinkedIn satyanada
Oct 25 12 Comments

Any views? Will there be more hiring? more work?
How it would affect on $MSFT and $AMZN stocks?


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  • Amazon shakabam
    It’s 1 billion a year. That’s 2.5% of AWS annual revenue. It’s a big deal but it won’t change anything on a large scale.
    Oct 25 6
    • Amazon shakabam
      I hope you’re right. I don’t want AWS to set the standards of the cloud tech scene in the next 10 years because it would suck. Working in tech is cool thanks to Google and I hope the future of cloud is more Azure and GCP than AWS.
      Oct 25
    • Microsoft CeAE87
      😂 same here I own both amzn and msft RSU’s. Let’s just kill gcp together 😂
      Oct 25
    • Google Dopput
      I sell all my google RSUs to buy google and MSFT.

      Cloud is for the next 10 years what the smartphone was for the last 10.
      Oct 25
    • Amazon shakabam
      GCP has been hiring aggressively from AWS over the last 6 months (mostly SAs) to build their enterprise business. I think if they succeed at that, they’ll get their fair share of the market because they know how to do the rest of it very well. I wouldn’t rule them out if I were you (+ Google is in telco, autonomous driving, quantum computing, consumer business. So much long-term potential)
      Oct 25
    • Microsoft panamap
      GCP has a low bar too - so hope they don’t spoil the good GCP product just for growth
      Oct 25
  • Brightcove moosepuck
    Just take a look at the after hours trading for both to get your answer, my dude.
    Oct 25 1
    • LinkedIn satyanada
      Not much change dude. I am talking about the long term. I don't think so it will change much.
      Oct 25
  • Google !Yahoo
    It'll probably start with MS announcing layoffs next week. Pretty sure they haven't had one recently, they like to announce them with good news.
    Oct 25 0
  • Google Dopput
    My calls are fucking happy
    Oct 25 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Symantec, Microsoft
    Oh Tom Keane is to be the most unbearable POS with the supposed win. He’s going to angle for Jason’s post and that is gonna piss off a lot of people.

    I say supposed because there’s still the question of who litigates first and stops the contract award, or the actual quantum of the award being spelled out.

    AWS is far ahead IMO in dealing with Gov workloads, FWIW, AzureGov is heavily invested with negligible results so far.
    Oct 25 0


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