Microsoft Operations Program Manager role in Seattle

Nokia / Project DtEE50
Nov 11 5 Comments

Hi guys,

I will be interviewing (on site) for an Operations Program Manager role @ Microsoft, Redmond soon. This role is for Microsoft Business Operations group.

My Experience:

-13 yoe (last 9 with a telecom equipment vendor - 3 as an Engineer, 6 in a Program/Project Management role)
-MSc, Electrical Engineering

My questions:

1. What do Operations Program Managers do in MSFT?
2. What level/TC can I expect based on my experience?
3. Where does MSFT business operations fit in the MSFT org structure?



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  • Microsoft / Product Ⓜ️1
    not a great place to be in within MS. Leadership is mediocre and work is boring for most part. But since its very easy to change your role internally, you could try the role and jump ship in an year or months
    Nov 11 2
    • Nokia / Project DtEE50
      Thanks for the info. Apart from the work, why is it not such a great place to be in MSFT? Is it about the compensation? Hours?
      Nov 11
    • Microsoft / Product Ⓜ️1
      very velocity. Not enough impactful work. work life balance would be on the better side.
      Nov 11
  • Amazon haha I
    How's your interview?
    Nov 13 1
    • Nokia / Project DtEE50
      It went well. Waiting to hear back.
      Nov 15


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