Microsoft SDE referral

SAP aghklok
Apr 9 2 Comments

I am trying to get an interview with Microsoft Sunnyvale campus for sometime. I am getting lot of recruiter emails from Redmond office and none of them are hiring for Bay Area office. Is this the general trend ?
If any team from Microsoft Sunnyvale campus is hiring, can I get a referral ?

Yoe: 6
TC: $150k


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  • Microsoft Tiffany&co
    Very less opportunities in Sunnyvale compared to Redmond. Best chance is to transfer internally after joining or have a strong employee referral submitted for the sunnyvale position.
    Apr 21 1
    • Microsoft no-sql
      How easy is transfer from Redmond to Bay Area? Is interview process easier than candidates applying to the roles from other companies. Do we need phone screen or direct onsite? Do we get cost of living difference?
      Apr 28