Microsoft SSA India

Oracle alivekeep
Aug 18 6 Comments

Does Microsoft India has SSA as part of reward policy. Or is it specific to US only ?

Also what's the target and max stocks for L62 and L63 in India ? Like in US, its 12k and 17k target for 62 and 63 respectively and 35k as max ? Right ?

I heard bonus target is same across regions i.e 20% and 30%.

TC : 32 base, average 18k refreshers over 4 years.
IC 4 yoe : 8


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  • Uber gYjKb
    32 base seems too low for 8 yoe.
    Aug 18 2
    • Adobe adobebest
      What is the average base in uber for 5a and 5b?
      Aug 18
    • Oracle alivekeep
      I know it's low by Uber standard. But MS average L63 promotion duration is 7 years. Sometimes it can even be more than this based on team. And L63 range starts from 32. So my guess is that I am not that low by MS. Also for external candidate, 63 is difficult below 8 years unless you are coming from similar level company.
      Aug 18
  • Uber gYjKb
    TC or...
    Aug 18 1
  • Yelp


    🥜 TC
    Aug 18 0


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