Microsoft browser vs unicorn startup

New NTTu74
Jul 17 12 Comments

I got an offer from Microsoft Wsd - browser team .. the offer is 25 % higher than my current total compensation at the startup.

Work wise - I am currently working on the latest tech like data platforms at startup.

Startup is in San Francisco while MS in Redmond .

I am seeing bad reviews for wsd. Is it really that that bad ?

How difficult is switching teams within Microsoft?

Should I leave the startup for Microsoft WSd-browser team ?


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  • Go to MSFT, jump in 2.

    25% higher in Seattle is even more if you consider cost of living in SF.

    Unless you believe in the Unicorn ๐Ÿฆ„ In two years MSFT on your resume isnโ€™t gonna hurt.
    Jul 17 2
  • Amazon bzodyakbsk
    Wsd is not a great org to be in. You will be servicing bugs for legacy browsers like internet explorer and possibly Edge ... You will not learn much and tough to get into a real developer position.

    Join the actual Edge team instead.
    Jul 17 2
    • New NTTu74
      My previous experience includes 5 years with mobile giant .. is it easy to switch to real developer position then ?
      Jul 17
    • Microsoft null=null
      Dont join under senior leads especially IDC folks. Not lead material but for green cards they become leads.
      Jul 18
  • Microsoft vandon
    Itโ€™s not that great but you can switch if you are a developer
    Jul 17 1
    • New NTTu74
      I have a development experience of 6 years .. 5 years from a mobile giant. .
      Jul 17
  • Microsoft ptr!=null
    You wonโ€™t experience a complete dev cycle - feature dev, sprints, etc. and is all about fire-fighting.

    Earlier, this group was for FOBs and didnโ€™t hire anyone externally. Then, it was a haven during SDET and phone layoffs. In Balmer area, this back-port group was brought to US. They recently setup an office in Ireland and planning to set one in India. I feel that leadership is pushing the group to a low cost area.
    Jul 18 0
  • Amazon utubang
    IPO in sight?
    Jul 17 1
  • LinkedIn d4Vinci
    Go to MSFT. Also SF is meh.
    Jul 17 0


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