Microsoft compensation

Amazon YQhq46
Mar 26 12 Comments

I work at Amazon with a TC of 210k in bay area. Total Yoe 3 yrs.
I received email from Microsoft that i have cleared the interview and the position is for Redmond location.
What should i expect?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Akamai Technologies  
    An offer 🤣
    Mar 26 0
  • Airbnb ancmqo
    lower TC I believe
    Mar 26 0
  • Amazon YQhq46
    Yeah they disappointed. The offer was 186k tc.
    Apr 2 1
    • Airbnb ancmqo
      ofc since seattle is cheaper.
      Apr 2
  • Amazon NoColusion
    Matter of personal taste, but i wouldn't leave CA for WA unless the pay bump is decent.
    Mar 26 1
    • Amazon YQhq46
      Yes. Thats what i am trying to find, will Microsoft offer a good increase from my current tc? If not, i wont be leaving bay area.
      Mar 26
  • Microsoft / Eng mfCG87
    Prepare to be disappointed, probably.
    Mar 26 0
  • Microsoft / Eng pxXW78
    Expect peanuts
    Mar 26 0
  • Intel sz01
    I interviewed and and received the offer very low ball .
    Mar 26 0
  • Facebook public2
    155k ish
    Mar 26 0
  • Citrix Systems / Eng peda
    Come to Redmond
    Mar 26 0
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    Congrats! What team?
    Mar 26 0