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Wipro VendettaV
May 4 12 Comments

Is there a way to land job at Microsoft for game development? Its been a long time.. and I can wait no longer ... It seems we ourselves have to help in development of aoe 4


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  • Microsoft ok2Bwhite
    They are kind of stupid at MS games and only hire senior devs or higher. So if you qualify then just apply.

    Otherwise they are really weird in games at MS about years of experience. It’s a game industry thing. Age discrimination against young talent.
    May 4 5
    • Oracle vTc43x
      That’s a first.
      May 4
    • Microsoft ok2Bwhite
      Whatcha mean?
      May 4
    • Oracle vTc43x
      Discrimination against young talent? I thought ageism is the norm.
      May 4
    • Microsoft ok2Bwhite
      The rest of tech biases towards young folks...
      May 4
    • Microsoft / Eng Stack🖕flo
      When I thought about applying for game dev position, it seems most established studios want you to have been through a release. Unclear how to get first release experience.
      May 5
  • Don't do it. Games = Bad TC
    May 6 2
    • Twitch / Eng

      Twitch Eng

      I'm black as the night
      Much true that.
      May 6
    • EA / Eng IT 🎈
      May 7
  • Oracle vTc43x
    Well, if you can’t really wait no longer. Microsoft has no other option I guess.
    May 4 0
  • Zynga / IT Rajarara
    May 6 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng macaroon
    Have you tried applying? Or even better, applying with reference?
    May 4 0