Microsoft hiring events?

Amazon 8kfyjn
Jul 18, 2018 4 Comments

Just got invitation for Microsoft hiring event. I was wondering:

-- are these hiring events worth going to?

-- does Microsoft only do these hiring events, or also regular individual onsite interviews?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Revinate S6si9t
    Does it make a different compared with applying individually?
    Jul 18, 20180
  • Tango Health / Engrawblonde
    I believe they do in HQ for the most part
    Jul 18, 20180
  • Where? Bay are or Seattle?
    Jul 18, 20180
  • Tango Health / Engrawblonde
    They are worth going to and its a shorter form of their interview loop. Typically 4 rounds eqchlasting to about 45 mins and hear back with a day or two.

    They do both - hiring events and a full loop.
    Jul 18, 20180

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