Microsoft new employee laptop

IBM 9443
Mar 1 21 Comments

Going to be joining azure compute org soon. Wondering which laptop employees use specifically in that org of Microsoft?

Windows or Mac or Linux?


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  • Google Mmkaay
    You will get a ThinkPad SAW (Secure Access Workstation)
    Mar 1 7
    • Microsoft BADC0DE
      And you will grow to hate that thing. For what it is, and what it does.
      Mar 1
    • Google Mmkaay
      We have something like SAW at Google (same Windows Thinkpad, with restrictions and updates) but it doesn’t reboot and starts Windows update without notice, while you are working on a Sev 1 incident bridge. That SAW thing at Microsoft is just terrible to live with
      Mar 1
    • Microsoft BADC0DE
      It’s not the idea (I think everyone gets why they are needed) but the execution. These things constantly lose WiFi connection, reboot, and are just unstable to do other work on (even just email or running meetings off).
      Mar 1
    • Google Mmkaay
      Correct. Execution sucks big time
      Mar 1
    • Microsoft sherryli
      I didn’t get my laptop until year 3.
      Mar 3
  • New wQEs80
    What is your TC at Microsoft
    Mar 1 1
    • The Home Depot dytA68
      Laptops depends on TC?
      Mar 1
  • Microsoft !&
    I got 2 SAW laptops and 2 normal laptops - all Windows Thinkpads. I could get a Surface too, but seems that it doesn’t have enough memory I want...
    Mar 1 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Haymaker
    Get a Mac
    Mar 1 0
  • The Home Depot dytA68
    Mar 1 2
    • New G2t5H
      yes some get 2
      Mar 1
    • IBM 9443
      2 thinkpads?
      Mar 1
  • Epic / Retail

    Epic Retail

    Got a surface book 2 today
    Mar 4 1
    • The Home Depot dytA68
      Which team/ role ?
      Mar 5
  • Microsoft / Eng caltrop
    I got a Dell in one team( & also a separate SAW), & a Lenovo in another team. Both Windows. I hear Designers can get MacBooks, depending on team budget.
    Mar 3 0
  • Microsoft / Eng ty3scv2z
    Have a desktop (hardly use it), SAW (sucks) and a top of the line surface book 15 (remote in to bunch of other boxes). SWE.
    Mar 2 0
  • Microsoft / Eng MissingNo.
    You do most of your work on a desktop. For laptop most get thinkpad but you can also ask for a Surface.
    Mar 2 0
  • Microsoft / Product BlueSmith
    You'll get a SAW as a dev, but as a PM you can get a Surface/Thinkpad as well as a SAW
    Mar 1 0