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Eze Software shangri_la
Oct 23 7 Comments

L63 SRE engineer in Redmond
YOE: over 12 years (as SDE, not SRE)
Location: Redmond

First number recruiter throws out:

Base: 155k
Sign-on Bonus: 20k / 1 or 2 yr
Stock: 80k / 4yr
Annual Bonus: 0 ~ 30% of Base
Relocation (from Boston, myself only): 8k on my own / 5k with temp housing, rental car, storage

So assuming taking the whole sign-on bonus the first year, and 15% of year end bonus, the first year TC she gave me is ~218k

We are at the beginning of the process and these numbers have not been through the hiring manager yet, so naturally she should expect me to ask for more, I'm thinking this is what I would be asking:

Base: 165k
Sign-on Bonus: 70k / 2yr
Stock: 180k / 4yr

which will come to first year TC 245k with sign-on bonus split over two years and I expect to be haggled down by the recruiter. My goal is to have first year TC reach 230k ~ 240k range, is it a realistic goal? I have a master degree from a State University, I don't have any competing offer and I am not coming from FAANG companies but one advantage I have is that the recruiter has mentioned the hiring manager is anxious to close this deal.

Couple other questions I have:

1) is it common to include Annual Bonus into the TC calculation? I don't think it is something you can count on.
2) Is relocation package standard across the company? I was told 8k/5k is low, is that true?



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft Soporific
    You won't get it unless you have really good competing offers.
    Oct 23 1
    • Eze Software shangri_la
      @Soporific Thanks for the feedback, so do you think I should just take the first number she gave and don't ask for more or I should just aim lower. If aiming lower, how much lower would be realistic? Thanks
      Oct 23
  • Microsoft smil
    dude u talk about msft, and this is the typical offer msft provide, and msft usually dont negotiate higher.
    Oct 23 4
    • Goldman Sachs baburao1
      Even for 63?
      Oct 23
    • Microsoft smil
      63 is nothing.
      Oct 23
    • Goldman Sachs baburao1
      I received an L60 offer with 130 base 100k stocks 30 signon. Do you think I could have negotiated for 150k stocks or 60k bonus over 2 years?
      Oct 23
    • Microsoft smil
      good offer at msft, i would negotiate more on level.
      Oct 23


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