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New / Eng TsTH74
Nov 12 14 Comments

I am yet to negotiate an offer as a university grad!
How much should I expect from Microsoft as a university grad for base salary


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  • Microsoft CJYn38
    110k bade. 120 stock over 3.5 years. 40 signing. 20 relocation are standard numbers
    Nov 12 6
    • Microsoft CJYn38
      Friend got 20 3 weeks ago
      Nov 12
    • GE / Ops PK-RC10
      For a newbie what does 120 stock mean? How does #of yrs come into play
      Nov 12
    • Microsoft CJYn38
      120 stock here means that Microsoft will buy 120k worth of stock when you join. Then over the period of 3.5 years the stock will vest and you’ll be allowed to sell for cash.
      For some companies stock vests monthly over the course in proportion. For some it vests in a lump end of year. Shitty companies like Snapchat vest stock 5 percent first year, 15 percent next year and 40 and 40 after that to force you to stay.
      Nov 12
    • Microsoft 302
      Relocation is capped at 8k for lump sum, hiring manager talking here
      Nov 12
    • Target horsepower
      Even Amazon has vesting policy of 5-15-40-40
      Nov 13
  • Snapchat hippbutrr
    yeah new grd offers are pretty cool at MS

    expect the numbers mentioned above

    expect to quit after 2-3 years once your leetcode skills become better to jump to a more elite ship πŸ˜‚
    Nov 12 4
    • Zillow Group GgjN77
      Which ships
      Nov 12
    • Microsoft CJYn38
      Haha you’re so funny
      Nov 12
    • Oracle PgEo55
      "more elite ship" says the guy that got 5% vest his first year at Snapchat.
      Nov 12
    • Snapchat hippbutrr
      got 25% and yeah, monthly
      Nov 13
  • Expedia Group vibyjbfyb
    Nov 12 0
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