Microsoft offer

GlobalLogic cdoR07
Sep 12 8 Comments

Got confirmation from recruiter for offer and she mentioned for the expectations. What can be correct figures with 10yoe. Mobile Engineer team. Please help, no idea about it. Offering SDE 2. For Redmond. Forgive if posting something wrong. But need ur help guys .


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  • Amazon 2ud73h2fl
    Sep 12 0
  • Microsoft saulgoodmn
    I think SDE 2 is low for 10 years of experience
    What level they offered? 62?
    Sep 12 4
    • GlobalLogic cdoR07
      I was not aware of this, I didn't mentioned her...if you can little help here..that will be rank and figures please
      Sep 12
    • Microsoft saulgoodmn
      Ask your recruiter what level they offer
      Sep 12
    • Microsoft saulgoodmn
      Based on that we can talk numbers
      Sep 12
    • Microsoft saulgoodmn
      SDE2 should be 62
      Sep 12
  • Lyft !lyft
    You should expect TC to be between $175k-$225k. 70% in base salary, 10% yearly bonus, rest in stocks.
    Sep 12 1
    • Microsoft oftgroct
      I think he would be lucky to get 225 w/o competing offers
      Sep 12