Microsoft offers/compensations for software engineers with more than 10 YoE?

BlackRock fuckFANG
Sep 30 3 Comments

I mostly see Microsoft offers/compensation here for people with 0 to 5 YOE.

I wanted to get an idea of the compensation range/offers for people with 10 to 15 years of experience. There are a bunch on that have a very waste range from $140k to $600k 😳

Could you please let me know what’s your TC ( base, bonus, rsu, sign on) , location, YOE and if possible product group you’re in ?

TC - 175k, 12 YOE, Backend Developer, NYC


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  • LinkedIn fprjdifek
    Not just about YOE. Depends on what level you can pass an interview at. So you should be asking about offers based on what level you think you would be interviewing for.
    Sep 30 1
    • BlackRock fuckFANG
      I was just told Senior Backend Software Engineer
      Sep 30
  • New rrahhhh
    Try level 63 and above
    Oct 1 0


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