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Cerner Nani!!?
Mar 8 10 Comments

True screen asked additional documents for background check and told they cannot tell me if I’m clear.

Recruiter says he doesn’t have transparency into the immigration team does.

Immigration team doesn’t reply. ( I understand it’s their busiest month, FYI it’s been 10 days since I uploaded my documents ).

It’s been 3 weeks since I signed the offer and I have no clue about anything.

How common is this at MS? What’s the normal onboarding time frame?

Don’t want to share TC and other details.

Update : Background check cleared today ( about 3 weeks in total ). Thanks everyone.


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  • Microsoft avR
    I've known people that got let go for failing background check! The process is a bit long here, as long as what you provide on yr resume is true, you'll be fine. Anything contradictory will result in an apology and they can't move forward.
    Mar 11 0
  • LabCorp / IT

    LabCorp IT

    It takes time but they do process things in order. Just wait for 2 weeks. You will get an email.
    Mar 8 0
  • Cisco bitset
    It was not that slow
    Mar 8 0
  • Microsoft holaaa
    Especially if you have education or work outside US it can take a month easily
    Mar 8 0
  • Microsoft ?!?!?!?!
    2 weeks background check for me. Not an immigrant. I think they also asked for more documents after first week. They can't tell you if your clear since they aren't done screening. It takes some time, don't worry.
    Mar 8 0
  • Amazon Fprs52
    Same boat!

    All I can tell you is bg check cleared else they don't start visa transfer!

    Its frustrating the visa team won't reply!
    Mar 8 0
  • Microsoft


    @OP how many days after you got your offer did it take before you heard from True Screen about the background check
    Mar 10 1
    • Cerner Nani!!?
      Same day I signed offer, I was asked to sign a consent form. 3-4 days later I was asked to submit additional documentation.
      Mar 10
  • Microsoft holaaa
    What team is this for? Background check takes a long time at Microsoft
    Mar 8 1
    • Cerner Nani!!?
      It’s for a new team in Azure
      Mar 10


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