Microsoft only company for vendor ORCA cards?

Facebook blasf
Jan 30 9 Comments

In the Seattle area, is Microsoft the only company that helps vendors / contractors get ORCA cards? It's awesome Microsoft does this, I don't get why the other tech giants in the area would skimp out on it.

The response is typically, "get it from your employer". I have never seen a contracting company offer ORCA cards to their employees. Generally just pre-tax transit funds.

From speaking with ORCA business they seem pretty cheap, less than $200 a year per employee. Way less than cheapest monthly pass, about $1200 a year. The catch is the company has to pay that for all employees. They expect 15% of employees to actually use the card.


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  • Google Wutno
    I can confirm that Google does not provide ORCA cards to TVCs.
    Jan 30 0
  • VMware Serverless
    VMware does ORCA cards
    Jan 30 0
  • Amazon / Eng n0v
    I thought employers of a certain size must provide orca cards.
    Jan 30 3
    • Facebook blasf
      Not that I know of. Do you know if Amazon provides them to their vendors or contractors?
      Jan 30
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      i am hiring for high visibility high impact AWS projects with no legacy code, lots of customers lined up, and a strong tenured management team. DM me.
      OP is not an employee of the big firm. They are employed by their consulting firm.
      Feb 1
    • Amazon / Eng n0v
      Understood, but many of the consulting firms are pretty big and might actually trigger the required orca card (though many of them are pretty sketchy and would not be surprised if they didn't provide or weren't aware they need to)
      Feb 1
  • eBay AskhYcx7
    Yes it would be great if client company provides the card but why don't vendors' employers provide these cards?
    Jan 30 1
    • Facebook blasf
      There is no incentive for contracting companies to provide their employees ORCA cards. Their employees don't choose to work with that contracting company, their employees are only interested in working for their client, Microsoft, etc. If employees of contracting companies could easily switch contracting companies and keep the same client, then there would be incentive for contracting companies to provide above bare minimum benefits. But switching contracting companies for the same position is illegal, as far as I know.
      Jan 30
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    • Amazon jwuwgelr
      OP is talking about yellow badge
      Jan 30


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