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Tata Consultancy Services i++
Sep 14 4 Comments

I applied for Microsoft Internship at Europe a month ago via referral and got rejected maybe because of visa issues as the person who referred me told me, now there is more qualified internship opening in India so while applying would that referral be considered?

Also, is there any problem if I ask some other school alumni to refer me for Indian position?


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  • Microsoft / Product Señor Code
    You should ask someone else to refer you for the new role.

    Generic referrals into Microsoft's system don't carry much weight, though.
    Sep 14 3
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      You mean there won't be much benefits because of referral, right?
      Sep 14
    • Microsoft akson
      Really, generic referral doesn't weight too much? Who is the someone else? The guy in that team? We do not know which exact team is hiring. Any suggestions? I tried the same reference a few times, none worked.
      Sep 14
    • Microsoft / Product Señor Code
      If you know a specific hiring manager and refer someone to them directly, that has meaning. If you submit someone's resume through the career site to some role you know nothing about, that referral really doesn't help.
      Sep 14