Microsoft vs Intuit (India)

Adobe sachigup
Jul 30 6 Comments

Received offers from Microsoft Azure compute team (Hyderabad) and from Intuit quickbooks online advanced team (Bangalore). Which do you think will be better in terms of work culture and growth. (in TC and learning). What are the prospects for each going forward.
Any cons and pros of each.
Also evaluate the offer and if I can negotiate.

MS (L63) TC:
37.5 base + upto 30% performance bonus + RSU (100k USD over 4 years)
JB - 4 lac first yr, 3 second yr + Around 1.5 lac relocation bonus

Intuit (Senior SE) TC:
38 base + upto 15% perf bonus + RSU (65k over 4 yrs)
JB = 8 lac first yr.

What is the normal hike and RSU add in each of them.

Current TC:
48 lpa
8+ yrs


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Microsoft / Eng AmYe88
    Microsoft.. No brainer..
    Pros. Opportunity for international transfer
    Cons. Higher TC 😝
    Jul 30 0
  • Adobe / Eng

    Adobe Eng

    1-leetcode* 3-leetcode** 1-leetcode*** / day
    Is this IC Eng position or Engg Manager position?
    Jul 30 1
  • Microsoft micrusade
    Jul 30 1
  • Oracle keepalive
    Excluding jb, TC is around 66-67 lpa. That's pretty good for 63. I think that's on higher side of 63 band.
    Aug 16 0