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Mar 14 7 Comments

Recently got approached by both Microsoft and Linkedin, I'm still in the discovery phase but want to ask how are the two companies after the acquisition. If I join either one, how easy it is to transfer from one to another? Do Linkedin employees get to tap into Microsoft resources and infrastructure?

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  • Amazon Truthtable
    Offer/ culture everything is different and linkedin is clear winner.
    Mar 14 0
  • LinkedIn mtndew๐Ÿ’š
    Not easy.
    External recruiting process.
    Only if you mean using onedrive and outlook otherwise no.
    Mar 14 2
    • Netflix login
      So the acquisition was mainly for the financial reason? No culture or operations consolidation?
      Mar 14
    • Netflix MPgg65
      Mar 16
  • LinkedIn k5aT9
    They are treated as two different companies with two different interview loops and two different infra.
    Mar 14 0
  • LinkedIn / Ops Spin_Move
    I was in a similar situation - I think picking MSFT over LNKD would come down to whether the role at MSFT was really interesting/unique for you, bc the pay likely won't be as competitive, and the culture could depend on what team you're on.
    There's not much cross pollination bt the two in terms of culture/transfers.
    Teams at LNKD use some azure but not fully scaled. All else is in DC. Which other MSFT resources are you talking about?
    Mar 14 1
    • Netflix login
      Thanks. Other resources could be financial resources, talent mobility/liquidity, workspace usage (can one employee comes to either of the company's buildings), access to both company's wikis or knowledgebase, etc...
      Mar 14