Microsoft will compete with Amazon on retail as well

Microsoft Googler!
Jan 8 9 Comments


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  • LinkedIn newhuregra
    In their dreams 😁😁
    Jan 8 5
    • Microsoft Googler!
      I guess LinkedIn will soon show products along with professionals :-) that would be a wet dream
      Jan 8
    • LinkedIn newhuregra
      Time will say bro !! 😁
      Jan 8
    • New / Eng Za4rt8
      Do you mean "in our dreams"?
      Jan 8
    • Google / Eng catburglar
      Leetcode premium on LinkedIn?
      Jan 8
    • LinkedIn newhuregra
      Haha yes. In our dreams :)
      Jan 8
  • realDTrump
    Jan 8 0
  • Microsoft / Biz Dev MemeGenX
    There will be an AWS exodus in every industry Amazon decides to go into. Happening in retail. Will happen in healthcare. Why do business with and help a company that's going to disrupt you out of revenue and market share?
    Jan 8 0
  • Oracle / Mgmt yahboi
    Competition is a good thing.
    Jan 8 0


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