Microsoft wins JEDI contract

Microsoft TonyM
Oct 25 6 Comments

just reported


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  • Amazon real_bezos
    Okay! Did that increase your TC?

    Now, TC or GTFO.
    Oct 25 0
  • Deloitte LwBy04
    After the Trump tantrum and GDIT winning the other DoD SaaS contract mainly for Office 365, it was pretty obvious Azure was going to win. Will be tons of beltway bandit system integrators fighting to subcontract for this, sucks for those that bet on focusing on AWS for this.
    Oct 25 1
    • Microsoft TonyM
      Ok, sorry for posting the obvious
      Oct 25
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Did Yoda sign it?
    Oct 25 0
  • Amazon / IT cSjD26
    This is true
    Oct 25 0
  • LinkedIn nMnX85
    fake news
    Oct 25 0


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