Microsoft’s Role on Holding Managers Accountable?

Microsoft TSCh
Sep 19 5 Comments

I have heard alot about Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equality at this weeks DTA conference in Las Vegas, yet not much has changed.

What can Microsoft Leadership do to create greater accountability for managers who unfairly target employees throughout the year and hand out low rewards without legitimate justification?

Too many high performing employees are treated unfairly and are forced to leave. HR and Leadership doesn’t intervien and turns a blind eye to protect the company.

This needs to stop - change is required!

Please share your thoughts or experiences!


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  • Microsoft yolololo
    Msft managers have too much power. No accountability. Great pay and wlb.
    Sep 19 1
    • Google bv5xw
      Google is no different.
      Sep 19
  • Microsoft #(w_w)#
    It is VERY hard to prove a manager actually lowballed you in a review unless they are stupid and cannot cover their tracks. In my time at the company (over 11 years) I have observed the following - 1. Shitty managers eventually get what’s coming to them. Maybe not right away but eventually. It’s the ‘not right away’ that is the most frustrating because employees want justice. 2. People leave them and work somewhere else. This happens in bunches within a short period of time. 3. Nothing happens and they continue to exist as if they are immune to their shitty poll scores.
    Sep 29 0
  • Microsoft hotsteppa
    Did you not get the request to do a Microsoft Pulse survey a day ago? Tell them how you feel
    Sep 19 0
  • ICF / Eng Bazingger
    Sep 19 0


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