Model 3

Capital One EXwk33
Mar 19 12 Comments

Anyone know what Tesla did to increase Model 3 range and performance? Also any insight into whether it's a one time change or are there more upgrades in the works?

For clarity this was done to cars on the road through a software update. I'm not used to cars getting better after you buy them :)


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  • Microsoft tfsUEwWt
    It now runs on cocaine.
    Mar 19 1
    • Microsoft ApexLegnds
      And false promises. J/K. Liked the model Y launch.
      Mar 19
  • Amazon moved2ms
    There’s a lot of rumor going around on it without much evidence. A lot of people believe nothing was done except the read out says something different. If you remember they used to say the LR RWD and AWD got the same range. Wondering now if they just adjusted the computer to give an accurate read out.

    On the other hand the update did some big changes to performance. The car is faster off the line now since 2019.5.15 and 0-60 is improved by about .5 seconds.
    Mar 19 7
    • Microsoft qiwX82
      Could also be attributed to the warmer weather though
      Mar 19
    • Amazon moved2ms
      I have seen better range too but the weather is much warmer which helps with range as well, so I’m struggling to make a proper comparison.
      Mar 19
    • Capital One EXwk33
      The weather got cold again here (below freezing) and still seeing improvement
      Mar 19
    • Amazon moved2ms
      Nice!!!!! That’s great news
      Mar 19
    • Amazon moved2ms
      Well. Not great it’s below freezing. Sorry about that. But great news on the range performance.
      Mar 19
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay
    cars and ev’s are always evolving.
    Mar 19 0
  • Tesla / Eng TeslaWolf
    Optimized the instructions for the hamster on the internal wheel in every vehicle.
    Mar 29 0


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