More than 1 million protest in Hong Kong, organizers say, over Chinese extradition law

Google wHtB0a
Jun 9 12 Comments


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  • Amazon dhfhvdbsj
    Criminal leaders in deepest fear tried to pass the fear to the general public, encouraging them to demonstrate against the government and defend the criminals. The fact that the few “evil” smarts can manipulate the general public is horrible.
    Jun 9 6
    • Amazon dhfhvdbsj
      These protest leaders would be madly crazy. They use the protests and the impact to gain popularity, money and maybe admissions to Ivy League.
      Jun 9
    • ViaSat lchunter
      After reading this, I am pretty sure dhfhvdsj is Chinese. All my Hong Kong friends or East Asian country friend all support this protest. Only the Chinese are against this. You see the pattern? BTW, I am a Taiwanese ; )
      Jun 9
    • Amazon dhfhvdbsj
      You definitely want me to be Chinese in your imagination to prove that you are right, but you are wrong. BTW, if desi = Indian, sure, because I understand that you would support anything British. India won’t be a big and unified country without the previous British colonization and it is still part of Commonwealth of Nations. If you want, you can summon the Queen back to your land.
      Jun 9
    • Microsoft AFrX48
      No all Chinese mainlanders against the protest. From what I know, to the opposite, many of them support the protest, but they usually don’t express that publicly, because they fear they may get reported to the CCP one way or another.
      Jun 15
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  • New cbbu61
    It's cool and all but it is China after all no matter how you look at it.
    Jun 9 0
  • Google / Eng Pri
    Bad for them for the inevitable crush
    Jun 9 0
  • 2047 is approaching..hope HK can leave or get a new transition period set up. No one wants to be under China
    Jun 9 2
    • Pure Storage / Eng China5G
      Are you freaking dreamig, lol
      Jun 16
    • Dreaming about what? These are facts, don’t they teach you in your history classes? Oh wait you don’t have
      Jun 18