Most important classes for CS major (undergrad), Part 2

Google Lilacs
Oct 21 10 Comments

Asking for a daughter on useful coursework of value toward SDE/SWE career - general backend role?



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  • LinkedIn 🌀w🌀
    School does not offer data structures, algorithms, databases? The most important CS classes ?..
    Oct 21 1
    • Spotify Atinlay3
      It says part 2, so I figured that she took it already
      Oct 21
  • Amazon / Eng sisycules
    I disagree that object oriented is that important. I feel you can learn most of those concepts on the fly compared to the other top results here.
    Oct 21 2
    • A four year degree worth of bad habits is hard to break. Definitely disagree. Without OO understanding it’s unlikely they will have developed anything in school that will scale out in maintainability. That’s a huge program for most college students already imo, every project is small and throw away.
      Oct 21
    • regardless, OOP/OOD is a requirement for a degree
      Oct 21
  • Microsoft / Product L67
    @Op plz tell u ain't a SWE at Google to ask this question.
    Oct 21 1
    • Google Lilacs
      I am familiar with the hiring process for SWE at Google, but not every other company. What's wrong with surveying for broader representative coverage?
      Oct 21
  • Google foony
    Discrete Dildonics
    Oct 21 1
    • Microsoft slumshady
      ☝️found the boner
      Oct 21
  • Sphera ✨sparkles
    None is more important than others. The reason college cs degrees are credible is because you do all of these, just doing one won’t be enough
    Oct 21 0


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