Most interviewing meetups are women only, no men allowed

Google do if hjb
Sep 2 44 Comments

Where a person who is unlucky to be a man should go? Is this gender restriction ok?


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  • Asana eAqO24
    Look around you. How many of your colleagues are women?

    Men (as a collective) don't exactly need help in this industry. Stop complaining about the one party you're not invited to. You run the whole damn festival.

    There are PLENTY of networking resources that aren't women-only. Come on now.
    Sep 2 9
    • Asana eAqO24
      I never said that individual men don't need help. I said that men as a group are not an underrepresented class. And in general, there are FAR more opportunities for men to find a role in this industry, than for women to.

      It's ridiculous to me that you complain about the one literal thing that you're not invited to. GET OVER YOURSELF. It's not all about you, Todd. Sometimes, other people need access to an opportunity without you making it about yourself.

      Is it really that hard for you to imagine that there may be someone out there who has a tougher time of it than you do?

      Complaining about a women's networking event is like those people who complain when a country other than the U.S. wins Olympic gold in anything, even though the US has won basically every other event. IT'S OKAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO HAVE SOMETHING FOR ONCE, shit.
      Sep 2
    • Amazon 01nch ew i
      Nah fuck just letting people have anything. Get good or get out.
      Sep 2
    • Asana sJP9g43
      That's not what I meant and you know it.
      Sep 2
    • Haha asana is delusional
      Sep 3
    • Google Mr. Glass
      Asana idiot- learn that women don’t have a monopoly over needing help. There are plenty of women who need help AND there are plenty of men who need help. There are other men who don’t need help and there are other women who don’t need help. Is it really that hard for you to imagine that there may be some men out there who have a tougher time of it than you do? GET OVER YOURSELF. It's not all about you, you narcissistic bigot. Just because some men occupy the top jobs, doesn’t mean that it’s automatically easier for other men who need help.

      Needing job related help should be the criteria for forming a group dedicated to job help, not the genitalia of the person involved. That’s you being bigoted and playing identity politics. Seek treatment.
      Sep 5
  • Microsoft / Eng sunofa🍑
    Just go to the one you find interesting and say that today you identify as a woman.
    Sep 2 2
    • Verizon / Eng iSuck2
      Laugh all you want, but this is life now.
      Sep 2
    • Google Mr. Glass
      Sep 5
  • Spotify thanus
    You can go to a surgeon. Rumor is they can make a woman out of you in no time.

    Jokes aside, no, it is not ok. Usually it is called discrimination. But since we’re in 2019, discrimination applies very selectively.
    Sep 2 1
  • Microsoft rfrw82
    If you are feeling so snowflaky, why not start your own group?
    Sep 2 1
    • Google Mr. Glass
      Impossible. Feminists like you would start an outrage campaign for female quotas in that group if it ever became successful. You wouldn’t care if the group failed in its purpose though. You’re the real snowflake
      Sep 5
  • Snapchat lookingh
    well, guys don’t need to talk much to do their job, so we don’t have many meet ups
    Sep 2 3
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Holy fuck
      Sep 2
    • Verizon / Eng iSuck2
      I think you meant cry?
      Sep 2
    • Google Mr. Glass
      I thought there are no differences between men and women? 🤔
      Sep 5
  • Stripe exJX72
    I bet if you just go and say you’re looking for a job they won’t turn you away for having a penis.
    Sep 2 17
    • TrueBlue


      Wtf is this?! I had no idea the tech industry was THIS anti-female. Are you all jealous because you can’t get laid and we can?! What the heck is going on??
      Sep 16
    • Google Mr. Glass
      We’re not anti-female, doofus, learn the difference. We’re PRO FEMALE and ANTI FEMINIST. You need to start learning the difference lol
      Sep 16
    • Stripe exJX72
      F.uck b.itches get money
      Sep 16
    • Amazon uaqh79
      I’m not in the tech industry per say. All of my roles have been interdisciplinary. I’d say in the US there are more antifeminists now than feminists and that is a good thing. It means feminists have already done their job. We now just need to focus on the remaining inequalities and to do that all genders need to be looked at rather than just women. It’s not all about you sometimes...
      Sep 17
    • Google Mr. Glass
      “It means feminists have already done their job.” Of sowing division? Yes, sure 💯

      “and to do that all genders need to be looked at rather than just women. It’s not all about you sometimes...” 👍
      Sep 17
  • Amazon OdpS15
    All of them are open to men. So grow the fuck up, be a man and just go to one.
    Sep 2 1
    • Google do if hjb
      I maybe not a steriotypical man, so I won't go to the place where I'm not welcome. It is just so sad that there are still people who endorse such non-inclusive and non-diverse meetups. I think organizers should be ashamed at the minimum.
      Sep 2
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Read the fine print. If this is in the U.S., employers can’t discriminate on the basis of sex.
    Sep 2 0
  • Indeed rainwater
    I’m sure there are plenty of groups that don’t have such restrictions. Besides, you work at google. Any of your colleagues could be resources.
    Sep 4 1
    • Google budisg
      Why don't you check yourself?
      Sep 4


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