Motorcycle parking around Uber HQ

Sep 6 12 Comments

Anyone commute to Uber HQ in San Francisco on a motorcycle? Where do you park? Ever try bribing the guard to let you park in one of the bicycle spots?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Kaiser Permanente vllgindian
    Pfff peasant. My helicopter drops me off
    Sep 6 0
  • Microsoft gh7ge43
    Just take an Uber to work?
    Sep 6 4
    • OP
      Ubers can't lane split. It would take too long. Also, how much does Uber reimburse for Uber to and from work?
      Sep 6
    • Uber uZ9mM
      You get a monthly stipend and that’s it.
      Sep 6
    • OP
      $200? Do they have a stipend for parking?
      Sep 6
    • Uber uZ9mM
      Sep 6
  • Uber / Finance losemotion
    I think they have numerous parking lots.. moscone parking etc and few more around 685
    Sep 7 0
  • I ride and park every day. Lots of paid motorcycle parking on 11th, or I squeeze between cars
    Sep 7 1
    • OP
      Do you still have to pay if you squeeze between cars?
      Sep 7
  • I work at 555 often and there’s spots around there too but they fill up by 9
    Sep 7 0
  • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
    SFMTA has a page which shows all the options and prices here

    There is parking spots in the same block, but also a couple of blocks away. If you come early, you can easily find a spot.
    Sep 7 0
  • Uber ajQi76
    There's motorcycle street parking (metered) right at the corner of 11th & market on 11th.
    Sep 7 0


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