Move to AWS?

Qualtrics cccccccxxx
Jul 29 5 Comments

Have an offer to go to AWS. Qualtrics was my first job out of school and I've been here for 1.5 years.

Will making the jump to AWS help me careerwise?
Will having AWS on my resume help me get the attention of more recruiters?

I recently put my resume out there and got very few responses. That could be because of my resume or it might be because of my experience.

I am also looking at how this will help me grow more as an engineer; I think at AWS I'll learn more because of the sheer scale of the services there. Is this assumption correct?

Yoe 1.5
TC 145


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    • Amazon ssss07
      How bad is the WLB in your team and neighboring teams ?
      Jul 29
  • Microsoft bidoof
    What is your offer TC?
    Jul 29 0
  • It'll definitely boost your resume. I'd say go for it.
    Jul 29 0
  • Amazon who?!
    Definitely go to AWS. You will learn a lot! You will experience a much better builder tools than at Qualtrics, a much better engineering culture, ops culture, etc. I am familiar with the state of things at Q. :)
    Jul 31 0
  • Amazon / Sales tsfh2783
    AWS already looks fantastic on the resume and will look even better in 2-3 years
    Jul 29 0


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