Move to Salesforce India (remote employee)

Salesforce GbBz16
Jul 16 5 Comments

I work remotely from Seattle. What's the best way for me to ask my manager to continue working for the current team but from India? I am guessing my salary would be changed to the equivalent salary in India. Also any idea on what a SMTS at SF Hyderabad makes?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    Why not work Seattle time from India and make Seattle pay in India.
    Jul 17 1
  • Apple qwaszx17
    You will be laid off eventually of you move to remote.
    Jul 16 1
    • Oracle quiesce
      Why do you think so ?
      Jul 17
  • Salesforce kiteflying
    What is your skill set? Yes if you move to India they will give salary as per India
    Jul 17 0


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