Move to a health startup?

Kaiser Permanente PG0Lac
Nov 4 10 Comments

Been at Kaiser for a few years now. First job out of college. Learned a lot here but I'm beginning to think that maybe a large structured company is not for me, at least in the long run. I plan on staying in the healthcare field but would like to experience working at a more dynamic company that doesn't move as slowly. Any companies that you'd recommend?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Autodesk sushima
    Oscar, Ooda, Forward, Collective
    Nov 4 1
    • Collective Health LL2017
      Avoid Collective! Sinking ship.
      Nov 5
  • Alto Pharmacy JLA19
    Alto is worth considering if you’re in the Bay Area
    Nov 6 0
  • Siemens Healthineers Cap42
    Not Siemens Healthcare
    Nov 5 0
  • Optum djt1658
    Admittedly a weird name, but there's one called Bind that looks halfway interesting
    Nov 5 0
  • Cambia Health Solutions LOO#1
    Nov 5 0
  • 👆🏻
    Nov 4 0
  • GoodRx KrisHanson
    Nov 4 0
  • Jet JD1234
    Ro, capsule, trialspark , butterfly, faltiron( not a startup - part of roche .. lot of them in NYC
    Nov 4 0
  • Southwest Airlines aldogjs
    Do it! I'm considering the same. You're young, hardly any risk and you'll learn a lot. I think Oscar is supposed to be a good one, not sure though.
    Nov 4 0


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