Moved from Bay Area to Colorado?

Yahoo Lord Vader
Mar 10

Was it worth it? Or do you regret leaving the BA?


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    चौधरीकोइँन H Y P E
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    Is Colorado good for poc/Indian people? It's in the Midwest and I have heard Midwest is not good from diversity pov. What's a good and affordable city for Indian people?
    Mar 102
    • Cisco CiscoKid.
      Mar 10
    • Boeing mSQV31
      Colorado isn’t the Midwest it’s the Mountain West. There are lots of white people wearing Patagonia jackets and Tevas, like Seattle.
      Mar 10
  • Reddit nononoyes
    Colorado is where all the folks who can’t afford a house here go.
    Mar 103
  • Western Digital western_D
    I love Denver, but only few companies there. I visited this place couple times, I wish there were many opportunities.
    Mar 101
    • TrueCar Xyh-123
      It depends on the scale of company you are looking for
      Mar 10
  • Apple slumdog
    I left BayArea and moved to Seattle. The weather is not that bad. Same compensation as Bay Area. Best decision ever.
    Mar 100

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