Moving from Qualcomm San Diego to Microsoft Seattle.

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Nov 5 12 Comments

Good points/Bad points? Please share your experience.


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  • Orion / Eng

    Orion Eng

    Qualcomm, Essential, Avegant, Nokia, Tata Communications, Reliance Industries
    Weather’s gonna be a doozy for one
    Nov 5 0
  • Zillow Group gentle
    I live is Seattle and have lived in San Diego before. My two cents. You can potentially make much more money and no state income tax. Housing costs are comparable. You'll find nicer suburban neighborhoods in SD in general. SD had great weather and ocean but no greanery. SD has sunshine Seattle does not. My friends who live in SD are much happier. It's an excellent family town.
    Nov 5 0
  • Groupon Vcrw58
    If you enjoy seeing the sunshine, no amount of money is worth it
    Nov 5 0
  • Remember the poem ‘Rain Rain go away’.
    Nov 5 0
  • Verizon YBjl12
    Lifestyle Downgrade. No $ is worth leaving SD.
    Nov 7 0
  • Goldman Sachs baburao1
    Can you share msft offer with breakdown? In a similar boat?
    Nov 5 0
  • Microsoft / Product pakodey
    TC or GTFO
    Nov 5 0
  • Microsoft


    No theme park here. Housing price crazy high.
    Nov 5 2
    • Microsoft 🌲fiddy
      Housing cost is higher in San Diego without the matching salaries.
      Nov 5
    • Amazon XIjQ36
      It wasn't for me.
      Nov 8
  • Microsoft 🌲fiddy
    Take vitamin D supplements and enjoy the change of seasons which you don't get in SD.
    Nov 5 0
  • Cruise Automation ape-polo
    Don't expect a pay bump.
    Nov 5 0


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