Moving from modest real estate market for Menlo Park

Boeing wtXP87
Jan 8

Curious how anyone has accomplished moving from an out of state, low cost real estate market to a place like Menlo Park. It seems like the only houses available under an hour drive from MP are $1M minimum unless you want to live in a trailer park. It's next to impossible to afford something like that coming from a home with far less equity value. How does anyone make that work while supporting a family? Is there "affordable" housing with a reasonable commute or is this the nature of the beast?


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  • LinkedIn vfgh215
    They don't. There isn't.
    Jan 80
  • Facebook public2
    You rent, save buckets of cash and then buy. It you you can rent your old home for the cash flow that will help. It can take a couple years to catch up but then you will get way ahead. Welcome to the bay!
    Jan 80
  • Google 1234-/:;(
    You rent or you drive. Not everyone can own here
    Jan 80
  • Intel / EngxdCS17
    That’s why you need a >400k TC
    Jan 80
  • Glooko / Otherdrditto
    Been telling folks for years, the move to the Bay might not be worth it
    Jan 90
  • Indeed / EngtrumpD
    If you're not looking for anything fancy or good school districts parts of east bay are less than a million(Newark, union city, Hayward and maybe fremont) and less than an hour ride to MP
    Jan 80

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